How to master shooting from distance in free fire Battleground

Free Fire Battleground is a shooting survival game so aiming is a mandatory field. You will be constantly killing your opponents for your survival as the island will be shrinking with every passing minute. So you will have to be very quick because as you will be hiding and making the shots. Moreover, you should always opt for gears that will protect you from bullets or other ammunition so that your opponent is not getting extra points for it. There will be many situations where your opponent will be landing after your, so you will have to kill them before they land. In these cases, shooting from a distance will work.

How to shoot from a distance

This game doesn’t revolve around using of realistic physics so you need to very much care about when you are performing sniping in this game.

For aiming properly you will have to keep the reticle on the target.

As the bullets will be moving in straight lines so wherever you will be aiming it will hit that.

This game is all about pointing and shooting. So you will have to calculate the distance of the target from your place for proper aiming. This is definitely a skill that you will develop after playing the game frequently or by using a free fire hack.

If your target is standing at a place that is very much far from you and is constantly moving then always aim at a position where he is proceeding now and not the place where he is at now.

So never used for 4x scopes for shooting from a very far distance.

It is a very bad idea to enter into the combat of close quarters with the 8x scopes. Because your target will be quite close to you so instead of using the sniper rifle it will be wise to switch to the assault rifle.

It is alright if you are not being able to perform perfect shots and missing it. If you miss one shot then do not run away from the location and stay there and your opponent will come closer to you for killing you and it can work as a benefit here. Now you can easily use the skills and kill them if they are within 50 Metres because their movement will appear on the Minimap.

Always know the right time for switching between the sniper rifle and assault rifle.

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